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#38 Rituals on 3/8

French Climber Luce Douady Ritualistically Sacrificed at 16

ben stiller

Jerry Stiller, Father of Ben Stiller, Dead from ‘Natural Causes’ by the Number 29, The ‘Comedy’ Number

This murder by numbers article about ‘natural causes’ is updated at 8:08. He died a span of 6 months, 20 …

Elon Musk ORDERED to Tweet His Stock Price is Too High, TSLA Proceeds to Fall

Racist Ritual: African Americans Account for 30% Illinois’ Coronavirus Cases

This is being published on 4/5.

Donald Trump Impeachment Hearing

Donald Trump’s Impeachment Hearing Begins on the 317th Day of the Year

This riddle is super simple. Taking the alphabetic order in reverse, “Impeachment Hearing” sums to 317. Impeachment Hearing = 18+14+11+22+26+24+19+14+22+13+7 + …

Facebook Ritualistically Releases a New Open Source JavaScript Engine, Hermes

Friday, July 12, 2019, is a perfect day for these two government-controlled entities, Facebook and JavaScript, to participate in numerical …

Thuy Trang’s Murder and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode 134

This murder by numbers ritual will blow your mind. Thuy Trang, the actress who played the Yellow Ranger in Mighty …

Donald Trump tweets about God at 4:55 PM on a date with 26 Numerology

Donald Trump is a theatrical actor, instructed to tweet about God to further control the minds of his Christian Republican …

Amir Khan vs. Terence Crawford Preview

It still looks like a lock for Amir Khan to win. The Christchurch Mosque Shooting provides more clues. Remember how …