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Steph Pappas Papa, John Pappas, Killed by Drunk Driver Ten Days After Daughter’s Papa John’s Video

Columbus City Schools Teacher Strike is an Occult 666 Buckeye Ritual

Dwayne Haskins was sacrificed by the Society of Jesus and The Ohio State University

Jonathon Myers indicted on 27 charges for I-71 Gemini Place ritual shooting

Will the Utah Jazz get their 59th win and stay on 17 home losses against the Bucks?

Pat Mahomes marries high school ‘sweetheart’ Brittany Matthews the same day Brady returns to the Bucs

US journalist Brent Renaud sacrificed in Ukraine

Woman dies in Marion County crash on Friday just before 7:20 p.m.

Columbus, Ohio contrives a shooting on I-71, 71 days from the start of Gemini

Will Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets get their 11th all-time win against the Pelicans on the 11th day of the month?