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Fentanyl death ritual on 10tv.com home page on 3/8

Sacrifice = 46. Updated at the 46th minute of the hour.

Greg Popovich ties Don Nelson’s NBA record with 1,335 wins in a 92 ritual

The Lakers fall to 9-20 away 9 months 20 days from Don Nelson's birthday giving the Spurs their 92nd win all-time against the Lakers.

This happened 9 months 20 days from Don Nelson's 81st birthday against Kobe Bean Bryant's team.

Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

Check out this riddle involving former Spurs player David Robinson:

Robinson was there participating in this ritual 21 weeks and 5 days from his upcoming 57th birthday. Which means he is 56 (Society of Jesus = 56).

Notice how we get the Philadelphia (215) and Los Angeles (213) area codes from David Robinson's birthday. Kobe Bryant is from Philly and played for the Lakers, who were instrumental in this ritual.

Will the Lakers upset the Spurs on the 66th day of the year?

March 7th is the 66th day of the year. In gematria, "Los Angeles" sums to 37 and "Lakers" sums to 66.

"LA" sums to 41 and so does San Antonio. So is this a good day for Los Angeles to give the Spurs their 41st loss of the season?

"King James" sums to 89. the 24th prime. Could that be a clue to keep the Spurs on 24 wins?

However, a simpler clue for the 89 is that the Spurs could win, keeping King James' Lakers on 89 all-time wins. I just think it's nice how the 41 can come into play for a Lakers upset, as it will be paired with 37 and 66.

Also, "San Antonio Spurs" sums to 91, and can stay on 91 all-time wins against the Lakers.


Speaking of 37, this game is 37 weeks from the Lakers' coach's birthday.

Los Angeles also sums to 53, and this game is 5 weeks and 3 days from Spurs coach Gregg Popovich's birthday.

*It is also 10 months, 22 days from Popovich's upcoming birthday.
San Antonio =

So with the day being 3/7 the 66th day of the year, we get a 37 and 53 to show up in the time from the coaches' birthdays. This appears to be decent evidence for a Lakers upset to give the Spurs their 41st loss of the season.

King James = 35, he can also stay on 35 losses on this very fitting day.

Things to keep in mind. 37 is the 12th prime so the Spurs could pick up their 12th home win (Home = 41) on 3/7. The Spurs could also stay on 11 home wins on the 66th day of the year. 66 is the 11th triangular number.

More coding leans towards a Lakers' upset, but as always, nothing is ever a lock.

10TV puts numbers for Buckeye and Ohio in their article times

This article was published at the 36th minute of the hour.
Buckeye = 36

And updated at the 29th minute of the hour.
Ohio = 29

The mask mandate gets canceled on 3/8.

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On the 20th day of the month, Columbus City Attorney says since 2020 there have been 20 calls to drug house

Already you see the amount of 20s. 2020 is also 22 in numerology. Notice how the video is 2:23 in length which has the 22/23 sequence. There's also a 22 in the address.

Now let's examine the gematria behind the words "drug" and "house."

The author of this article is Richard Solomon whose name has gematria of 79, the 22nd prime number.

Zach Klein is the Columbus City Attorney participating in this ritual.

Ohio is the state that shares a lot of gematria with "Time." In gematria, "Time" sums to 20, likewise "Ohio" in the Chaldean cipher.