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10TV puts numbers for Buckeye and Ohio in their article times

This article was published at the 36th minute of the hour.
Buckeye = 36

And updated at the 29th minute of the hour.
Ohio = 29

The mask mandate gets canceled on 3/8.

Sean Penn helps usher in WWIII by saying Putin made a ‘brutal mistake’

Published on 2/26/2022 => 2+26+(2+0+2+2) = 34
In gematria, "Ukraine" and "Sean Penn" sum to 34

He says this 6 months 9 days from his 61st birthday.

181 is the 42nd prime number.
War = 42
World War = 42
Russia = 42
Jesuit = 42

This also comes 142 days from Putin's October 7, 2021 birthday.
Forty-Two = 142

This comes 223 days from Putin's upcoming October 7, 2022 birthday.
223 is the 48th prime.
World War = 48

East Columbus shooting victim pronounced dead at 2:52 on 25/2

Article from 10TV

Also published at the 25th minute of the hour.

In gematria, "Death," "Columbus," and "Ohio" have a value of 25.

The shooting happened on Tarragon Way, which corresponds to the number they are showing you on the police vehicle, 143.

Tarragon Way = 53
Shooting = 53
Tarragon = 40, police called to the scene before the 40th minute of the hour, which connects to the number 4, which is a death number.

“Attack on Titan: The Final Season” part 2 episode 7 released on the perfect date

Attack on Titan: The Final Season part 2 episode 7 comes on a perfect date, using a perfect number as well in the ritual. This is about the release of the episodes outside of Japan.

This episode was released on 20/2 in 2022. 20/2 is a lot like 202, which corresponds with the "part 2" of the final season and the gematria behind "Attack on Titan."

As for episode 7, the number 28 is the 7th triangular number (and a perfect number).

This episode was released on a date with a life lesson number of 28.

20/2/2022 => 20+2+(2+0+2+2) = 28

The name of the episode is "Thaw" which has gematria of 20. It was released outside of Japan on the 20th day of the month.

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