Steph Pappas Papa, John Pappas, Killed by Drunk Driver Ten Days After Daughter’s Papa John’s Video

Ritual from TMZ
Kill = 17/26
Death = 20
Sacrifice = 62
on 9/11 anniversary dying from a vehicle crash…

Her papa died 8 weeks 3 days from her birthday.

Buckeye = 27/36
103 is the 27th prime number.

He died 10 months 4 days from her upcoming 23rd birthday.

This video came out on September 1, 2022. A day leaving 121 days in the year.
Blood Sacrifice = 121

Papa Pappas died Ten Days Later from his “Papa John’s New Papa Bowls are GROSS” video.

Pat Mahomes marries high school ‘sweetheart’ Brittany Matthews the same day Brady returns to the Bucs

Patrick Mahomes marries his high school sweetheart on 3/12.
In gematria, “high school sweetheart” sums to 312.

Brittany Lynne = 62/179
Buccaneers = 62/179
Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 62

This comes on 3/13. 313 is the 65th prime number.
This article from CNN is updated at 3:13.
Patrick Mahomes faced the “Goat” Tom Brady in Super Bowl 55.

Goat = 65
Brittany Matthews = 65
This comes 6 months 5 days from Pat Mahomes upcoming 27th birthday.

Nigger = 42
That picture of him and his wife is on 2/1/2019.
2 + 1 + 20 + 19 = 42

Buccaneers = 37
Brittany = 37

Mr. & Mrs. Mahomes = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

The Jesuit Order = 177

She gets married on the 12th but the news comes out on the 13th, 6 months 13 days from her birthday. 613 is the 112th prime.
Chiefs = 112
Super Bowl = 112

Zach from Gematria Effect News pointed out how a few years ago Brittany Matthews’ father died during a Chiefs game after Mahomes passed Len Dawson’s TD record. She gets married 40 months 1 day later.

Married = 41
Super Bowl = 41

Nigger = 42. Span of 40 months 2 days she marries a black man.

This is also 1217 days.
1217 is the 199th prime.
199 is the 46th prime.

Sacrifice = 46

Tom Brady = 46
the 199th pick (info from Gematria Effect News)

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Greg Popovich ties Don Nelson’s NBA record with 1,335 wins in a 92 ritual

The Lakers fall to 9-20 away 9 months 20 days from Don Nelson’s birthday giving the Spurs their 92nd win all-time against the Lakers.

This happened 9 months 20 days from Don Nelson’s 81st birthday against Kobe Bean Bryant’s team.

Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

Check out this riddle involving former Spurs player David Robinson:

Robinson was there participating in this ritual 21 weeks and 5 days from his upcoming 57th birthday. Which means he is 56 (Society of Jesus = 56).

Notice how we get the Philadelphia (215) and Los Angeles (213) area codes from David Robinson’s birthday. Kobe Bryant is from Philly and played for the Lakers, who were instrumental in this ritual.

Will the Lakers upset the Spurs on the 66th day of the year?

March 7th is the 66th day of the year. In gematria, “Los Angeles” sums to 37 and “Lakers” sums to 66.

“LA” sums to 41 and so does San Antonio. So is this a good day for Los Angeles to give the Spurs their 41st loss of the season?

“King James” sums to 89. the 24th prime. Could that be a clue to keep the Spurs on 24 wins?

However, a simpler clue for the 89 is that the Spurs could win, keeping King James’ Lakers on 89 all-time wins. I just think it’s nice how the 41 can come into play for a Lakers upset, as it will be paired with 37 and 66.

Also, “San Antonio Spurs” sums to 91, and can stay on 91 all-time wins against the Lakers.


Speaking of 37, this game is 37 weeks from the Lakers’ coach’s birthday.

Los Angeles also sums to 53, and this game is 5 weeks and 3 days from Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s birthday.

*It is also 10 months, 22 days from Popovich’s upcoming birthday.
San Antonio =

So with the day being 3/7 the 66th day of the year, we get a 37 and 53 to show up in the time from the coaches’ birthdays. This appears to be decent evidence for a Lakers upset to give the Spurs their 41st loss of the season.

King James = 35, he can also stay on 35 losses on this very fitting day.

Things to keep in mind. 37 is the 12th prime so the Spurs could pick up their 12th home win (Home = 41) on 3/7. The Spurs could also stay on 11 home wins on the 66th day of the year. 66 is the 11th triangular number.

More coding leans towards a Lakers’ upset, but as always, nothing is ever a lock.

Juwan Howard ORDERED by the NCAA to Hit Wisconsin coach Greg Gard during Black History Month

NCAA College Basketball is scripted. Once you understand the numerical code of gematria which the league is scripted by, you will see how this is a black racial shaming ritual during Black History Month.

To start, look at the gematria overlap between “Racism” and “Michigan-Wisconsin.”

Race = 27. NY Post posted this at the 27th minute of the hour.

Racism = 27 and 63. Swing = 27/63. Michigan lost with 63 points to Greg Gard’s 77 (G = 7th letter, so GG is 77). That is a sum of 140 points which connects to 14, a number further explained in the following information. It also connects to Greg Gard’s 140th win as a coach. And yes, 7+7 = 14.

In gematria, “Wisconsin,” “Michigan,” “Black People,” and “African-American” each sum to 44. So does the word “Hit.” Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on 4/4. Malcolm X was killed on a date with 44 numerology. Look at the above picture of this staged “brawl.” They have #44 trying to break up the fight.

The 44 can also be found in the date numerology of this ritual:

2/20/22 => 2+20+22 = 44

“Hit” also has gematria of 19 (8+9+2 = 19) and this ritual comes on a date with 19 numerology.

2/20/2022 => 2+2+0+2+0+2+2 = 19

This is a great day for a basketball ritual as the word “basketball” has a gematria value of 22 and it’s not only 2022, it’s 2/20/2022.

These rituals are performed using prime number relationships. 79 is the 22nd prime number. This staged brawl comes 79 days from Greg Gard’s 51st birthday.

The gematria is very clear. “Juwan Howard” shares gematria with “Black Man” and “Nigger.”

The word “slave” has gematria of 14 and this comes on the 14th day of Juwan Howard being 49 years old.

Juwan Howard was born on February 7th (2/7), corresponding to the word “Race.” This is a race shaming ritual.

The Badgers and Wolverines are perfect teams to use for a brawl.

The Society of Jesus sync up these rituals with the Catholic Pope’s birthday. You can see how this Black History Month shaming ritual comes 9 weeks and 3 days (93) from Pope Francis’ 85th birthday.

In gematria, “basketball” sums to 85 so this is why they chose to do a basketball-specific shaming ritual this many days from the Pope’s 85th birthday.

A very important example of the number 93 and Black History is the only meeting of MLK and Malcolm X. It was on 3/26/1964, a date with 93 numerology.

3/26/64 => 3+26+64 = 93
Both men died at 39.

26/3 is 263, which is the 56th prime number. As for the 64, “Civil Rights” sums to 64 and there was a Civil Rights Act of 1964 where Obama was “elected” as the first black president 44 years later. Do you see how all these numbers come together again and again?

Barack Hussein Obama = 64 (Pythagorean gematria)

This is classic black shaming. It’s meant to make black men look aggressive and unpredictable—prone to excessive violence. This is why Juwan Howard is saying that the Wisconsin coach touched him first and Howard was defending himself. But notice how the headlines don’t mention that part at all. All eyes are on Juwan Howard because this is a staged race shaming ritual from the Society of Jesus.

Are the Halftime Show performers and Dr. Dre’s favorite album clues to who wins Super Bowl LVI?

In an interview with Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre expressed his love for Nirvana and their debut album, Bleach, being one of his favorites.

The Defiant Ones 2017 interview is another piece of predictive programming from the NFL showing which team is going to participate (and possibly win) in a future Super Bowl—in this case, the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56 where Jay-Z will be performing at the halftime show.

Article published by Far Out Magazine, UK

As always, these are rituals from the Society of Jesus, who use gematria and other facets of Kabbalah to orchestrate them.

First, let’s look at the gematria behind the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati Bengals has gematria of 156. Guess when Bleach was released? 15/6…

Bleach was released on a date with 129 numerology.
15/6/1989 => 15+6+19+89 = 129
Bengals = 129
15/6/1989 => 1+5+6+1+9+8+9 = 39
Bengals = 39

Bleach was released just over 1704 weeks before Super Bowl 56.

Bengals also has gematria of 24 and Super Bowl 56 takes place exactly 240 weeks from The Defiant Ones documentary.

Photo from IMDB

As I’ve always been teaching, the state of Ohio LOVES to encode the numbers for “Buckeye” into all of their rituals. This is why Super Bowl 56 is 27 days, or 3 weeks 6 days from Jimmy Iovine’s upcoming 69th birthday.
‘Buckeye’ has gematria of 27 and 36.

Kurt Cobain is an infamous member of the 27 Club.

Super Bowl 56 comes 51 days (7 weeks 2 days) from the upcoming 28th anniversary of Cobain’s death.
Cincinnati = 51
Buckeye = 72
Jesuit Order = 72

Super Bowl 56 also comes 72 days from Jay-Z’s birthday.

While we’re on the topic of Super Bowl halftime performers, look at the Buckeye synchronicity from Snoop Dogg’s birthday.

7 months 27 days from Kendrick Lamar’s birthday. Buckeye = 72/27.

Look at Eminem’s birthday. 10/17 which is 117 in numerology (drop the 0)
in 72′! Again, Buckeye = 72/117

Ohio is the 17th state…17 weeks from Eminem’s birthday.

Mary J. Blige is 51 at the time of the Super Bowl. Cincinnati = 51. Rams = 51

102nd season. Orange = 102. The Bengals are the orange team.

Super Bowl 56 is 10 months, 29 days from her upcoming 52nd birthday.
Bengals = 129

Orange = 33


There’s some interesting numerology behind Cobain’s death date as well. NFL, National Football League, Buckeye numbers.

The coding behind this seems heavily in favor of a Bengals win.

Cleveland Cavaliers Upset Charlotte Hornets in a Crystal Clear Catholic Ritual

The Cavs upset the Hornets on the 35th day of the year to get their 71st all-time win against the Hornets.

In Gematria, “Catholic” sums to 35 and 71. This game came 35 days from the Cavs’ coach’s birthday.

And 7 weeks 1 day from Pope Francis’ 85th birthday.

It’s also 317 days from Pope’s upcoming birthday. 317 is the 66th prime connecting to LeBron James and the Lakers. LeBron used to play for the Cavs. 66 is also the number of books in the KING JAMES Bible.

This game came 85 days from the Jesuit Superior General’s birthday.

Hornets Coach has the same birthday as the Jesuit Superior General, November 12.

7-Eleven May Be on the Way to Israel

Look at the 7-11 rituals used in this article.

Published at 1:04

Then they show a photo from 7/1/2008. 2008 reduces to 1 (2+0+0+8 = 1).
Hence, 7/1/2008 breaks down to 7/1/1, which is 7-11.

July is the 7th month. So the first photo they present is the 7th month.

Guess what the next photo is?

November, the 11th month.

F = 6
O = 15 = 6
X = 24 = 6

Cincinnati, Ohio is Owned and Operated by the Jesuit Order

Everything the United States federal government does is completely encoded and scripted with Kabbalah. They sync everything up by the numbers and connect important things to the pope and Jesuit superior general.

Pope Pius VII was the pope at the time Cincinnati, Ohio was incorporated as a city on March 1, 1819. His upcoming 77th birthday was August 14, 1819.

From the incorporation to his birthday is 5 months 13 days. Cincinnati, Ohio has the 513 area code.

In Reverse Ordinal Gematria, Cincinnati, Ohio sums to 235, like “The Society of Jesus.” 5 months and 13 days is also 23 weeks and 5 days.

The Jesuit Superior General at the time was Tadeusz Brzozowski. Cincinnati, Ohio was incorporated 235 days from his 69th birthday.

The Seal was adopted on the 19th day of May, in 1819.

69th mayor of Cincinnati, John Cranley, was born on a date with 51 life lesson number.