Juwan Howard ORDERED by the NCAA to Hit Wisconsin coach Greg Gard during Black History Month

NCAA College Basketball is scripted. Once you understand the numerical code of gematria which the league is scripted by, you will see how this is a black racial shaming ritual during Black History Month.

To start, look at the gematria overlap between “Racism” and “Michigan-Wisconsin.”

Race = 27. NY Post posted this at the 27th minute of the hour.

Racism = 27 and 63. Swing = 27/63. Michigan lost with 63 points to Greg Gard’s 77 (G = 7th letter, so GG is 77). That is a sum of 140 points which connects to 14, a number further explained in the following information. It also connects to Greg Gard’s 140th win as a coach. And yes, 7+7 = 14.

In gematria, “Wisconsin,” “Michigan,” “Black People,” and “African-American” each sum to 44. So does the word “Hit.” Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on 4/4. Malcolm X was killed on a date with 44 numerology. Look at the above picture of this staged “brawl.” They have #44 trying to break up the fight.

The 44 can also be found in the date numerology of this ritual:

2/20/22 => 2+20+22 = 44

“Hit” also has gematria of 19 (8+9+2 = 19) and this ritual comes on a date with 19 numerology.

2/20/2022 => 2+2+0+2+0+2+2 = 19

This is a great day for a basketball ritual as the word “basketball” has a gematria value of 22 and it’s not only 2022, it’s 2/20/2022.

These rituals are performed using prime number relationships. 79 is the 22nd prime number. This staged brawl comes 79 days from Greg Gard’s 51st birthday.

The gematria is very clear. “Juwan Howard” shares gematria with “Black Man” and “Nigger.”

The word “slave” has gematria of 14 and this comes on the 14th day of Juwan Howard being 49 years old.

Juwan Howard was born on February 7th (2/7), corresponding to the word “Race.” This is a race shaming ritual.

The Badgers and Wolverines are perfect teams to use for a brawl.

The Society of Jesus sync up these rituals with the Catholic Pope’s birthday. You can see how this Black History Month shaming ritual comes 9 weeks and 3 days (93) from Pope Francis’ 85th birthday.

In gematria, “basketball” sums to 85 so this is why they chose to do a basketball-specific shaming ritual this many days from the Pope’s 85th birthday.

A very important example of the number 93 and Black History is the only meeting of MLK and Malcolm X. It was on 3/26/1964, a date with 93 numerology.

3/26/64 => 3+26+64 = 93
Both men died at 39.

26/3 is 263, which is the 56th prime number. As for the 64, “Civil Rights” sums to 64 and there was a Civil Rights Act of 1964 where Obama was “elected” as the first black president 44 years later. Do you see how all these numbers come together again and again?

Barack Hussein Obama = 64 (Pythagorean gematria)

This is classic black shaming. It’s meant to make black men look aggressive and unpredictable—prone to excessive violence. This is why Juwan Howard is saying that the Wisconsin coach touched him first and Howard was defending himself. But notice how the headlines don’t mention that part at all. All eyes are on Juwan Howard because this is a staged race shaming ritual from the Society of Jesus.

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