Cleveland Cavaliers Upset Charlotte Hornets in a Crystal Clear Catholic Ritual

The Cavs upset the Hornets on the 35th day of the year to get their 71st all-time win against the Hornets.

In Gematria, “Catholic” sums to 35 and 71. This game came 35 days from the Cavs’ coach’s birthday.

And 7 weeks 1 day from Pope Francis’ 85th birthday.

It’s also 317 days from Pope’s upcoming birthday. 317 is the 66th prime connecting to LeBron James and the Lakers. LeBron used to play for the Cavs. 66 is also the number of books in the KING JAMES Bible.

This game came 85 days from the Jesuit Superior General’s birthday.

Hornets Coach has the same birthday as the Jesuit Superior General, November 12.

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