Cincinnati, Ohio is Owned and Operated by the Jesuit Order

Everything the United States federal government does is completely encoded and scripted with Kabbalah. They sync everything up by the numbers and connect important things to the pope and Jesuit superior general.

Pope Pius VII was the pope at the time Cincinnati, Ohio was incorporated as a city on March 1, 1819. His upcoming 77th birthday was August 14, 1819.

From the incorporation to his birthday is 5 months 13 days. Cincinnati, Ohio has the 513 area code.

In Reverse Ordinal Gematria, Cincinnati, Ohio sums to 235, like “The Society of Jesus.” 5 months and 13 days is also 23 weeks and 5 days.

The Jesuit Superior General at the time was Tadeusz Brzozowski. Cincinnati, Ohio was incorporated 235 days from his 69th birthday.

The Seal was adopted on the 19th day of May, in 1819.

69th mayor of Cincinnati, John Cranley, was born on a date with 51 life lesson number.