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Kevin Spacey is back! This man was in hiding over sexual assault charges

Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations are nothing else than a theatrical play from the federal government. This is propaganda paralleling Netflix series "House of Cards" with the events in the White House, ultimately foreshadowing a house of cards in the government---collapse of Wall Street and government function.

It may seem normal that someone chooses to lay low amid sexual assault charges known worldwide. However, understand that these celebrities are puppets on strings, doing what they’re told to do.

Kevin Spacey reemerged in the media Friday, December 30, 2018 after facing a felony charge which carries up to 5-years in the pen. They put out two pictures of him supposedly depicting his return, one on his residence balcony and the other is of him with a face cover on, entering an SUV.

Spacey will be turning 60-years-old on New York’s birthday, July 26, 2019.
Friday, the day he reemerged, is 30 weeks and 1 day before then.

sexual assault = 1+5+6+3+1+3 + 1+1+1+1+3+3+2 = 31 (Full Reduction)
Donald = 5+3+4+8+6+5 = 31 (Reverse Full Reduction)

President Donald Trump, from New York, also involved in his own sexual assault saga. Kevin Spacey reemerges 197 days from Trump’s 72nd birthday.
197 is the 45th prime number, Donald Trump is the 45th president. This event is also 24 weeks from Trump’s upcoming 73rd birthday.

Spacey = 1+7+1+3+5+7 = 24 (Full Reduction)

Don’t you see how orchestrated all of this is?

TMZ had the gall to say that “Spacey’s re-emergence doesn’t seem uncoincidental to events this week.” This is more programming, manipulating you to believe that everything in the media happens by coincidence. The propaganda outlet then alludes to an event earlier this week, where sexual assault charges were filed against Spacey by Massachusetts prosecutors who alleged he forced himself on an 18-year-old while at the Club Car restaurant in Nantucket.

Club Car…C is the 3rd letter, so this name represents 33.
Nantucket, MA = 5+1+5+2+3+3+2+5+2 + 4+1 = 33 (Full Reduction)
Massachusetts = 4+1+1+1+1+3+8+3+1+5+2+2+1 = 33 (Full Reduction)
Masonry = 4+1+1+6+5+9+7 = 33 (Full Reduction)

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