Baker Mayfield fined $10,026 for pretending to expose private parts during touchdown celebration

All fines in the NFL are fake. Here is another example.

We have another example of the theatrics and fake “fines” in the NFL.

On Saturday, the NFL fined 23-year-old Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield for $10,026 on the 260th day of his age for a touchdown celebration he performed against the Cincinnati Bengals last week. The Browns ended up winning with 26 points.

Mary Kay Cabot tweeted this at 4:52. The NFL decides to fine Mayfield 106 days from his upcoming 24th birthday which falls on the 14th of April [14/4] (the game ended 26-18, a sum of 44 points). Interesting how these numbers show up in light of Mr. Mayfield’s lewd gesture pretending to expose his privates.

Privates = 2+9+9+5+8+7+4+8 = 52 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Privates = 11+9+18+5+26+7+22+8 = 106 (Reverse Ordinal)
Forty-Four = 6+15+18+20+25 + 6+15+21+18 = 144 (English Ordinal)
lewd = 12+5+23+4 = 44 (English Ordinal)

The NFL also waited til Saturday, December 29th, because it is exactly 37 weeks from Baker Mayfield’s 23rd birthday.

Baker = 2+1+11+5+18 = 37 (English Ordinal)

When Mayfield ran to the sidelines to celebrate, he was with offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens. Check out the gematria of their names.

Kitchens, 44, is in this event 4 weeks and 2 days from his November 27th birthday.

Freddie = 6+9+5+4+4+9+5 = 42 (Full Reduction)
Mayfield = 5+8+2+3+9+4+6+5 = 42 (Reverse Full Reduction)
touchdown = 2+6+3+3+8+4+6+5+5 = 42 (Full Reduction)

That game wasn’t bereft of the theatrics. Baker Mayfield stared down his former coach, Hue Jackson, who is currently employed by the Bengals. No surprises Jackson gets fired from Browns’ head coaching position just to become head coach of the Bengals soon after. The entire NFL is scripted theatre. The games and narratives are completely rigged and scripted.

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